You have completely given your power over to time.





Let’s face it, you’re caught up! Caught up in the everyday to-dos of business and family, multiple overloaded inboxes, calendars and tasks on your to-do list.

You have multiple mobile devices—your laptop, smart phone and probably a tablet and other tools too.

Then there are your friends, followers, fans and connections on social media platforms, disorganized space and life.  Now, that feels like a lot—too much and it feels heavy. So heavy that it’s almost too much to bear. To further complicate things, folks have their offices filled with desks that have stacks of paper, files and clutter; cabinets with disorganized files full of irrelevant things; you’ve got calendar appointments in your heads along with things that need to be done, goals that are lacking a plan to carry them out, and let’s not be so remiss as to leave out the incomplete and tardy projects that are the norm along with the usual daily grind. This is “Business as Usual” for many people. It’s is a vicious cycle and the wheel continues to spin with no end to it in sight.

The challenge is that you are struggling with managing your time; with managing yourself. You may have made attempts and had some solutions work for a short while, and then the cycle starts again. The problem is that the solutions that are usually implemented are the “box” related solutions and the usual mindset of the approach. That’s part of business as usual too.

What’s also the norm is the way people see time. You think that you can actually control or manipulate time, and that therefore, it can be managed. Time is elusive. Part of what makes it so hard to manage is that you can’t see it, you can’t touch it. You can’t pick it up and move it from one place to another. If that were possible, everybody would be grabbing it and storing it for later so they’d have more of it. When you look at a clock, you aren’t looking at time. You’re simply looking at something that represents a way to measure it.  The way that you see time keeps you in the wheel—caught up. Time management is all about perspective, and to truly learn how to manage it, you have to shift your perspective of it.

Wielding Time: Taking Back Your Power To Increase Productivity is the new book from Productivity Expert Sheila Hawkins.  In her practice, Hawkins has a personalized approach to productivity that has been called “revolutionary”. Hawkins gives the reader tremendous insight to taking control of the elusive concept of time; identifying key culprits in productivity efficiency and provides real life scenarios and solutions to productivity management. She helps you:

  • Identify what’s keeping you from being productive
  • Learn what time really is and how people get so caught up in it
  • See how to relate to time in an entirely different way
  • Understand how your view of time contributes to low productivity and what it takes to empower yourself to wield time™.

“Everything that you are, or that you will become is determined by your thinking, your perception of time and how you use it.” If you want to increase your productivity, the first thing that you have to do is to shift your perspective of time.

Get your book now and learn how to take back your power and take back your life. Learn to wield time.™